A Taste of Regal Paris: La Boheme Restaurant

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La Boheme is one the newest restaurants in Burlingame, importing authentic French cuisine (and a French chef!) straight to The Ave. Their food is incredible – particularly their almond croissants – and their coffee bar in the front is a hit.

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Nadia Hartman, General Manager, La Boheme: My name is Nadia Hartman; I'm the general manager of La Bohème restaurant and pâtisserie on Burlingame Avenue. Stella Filmus is the owner and her dream when she was a little girl was to open a French restaurant one day called La Bohème; La Bohème opera is one of her favorite operas.

Stephane Roy, Chef, La Boheme: The best thing for this restaurant is the Sea Bass. We have a ginger-caramel sauce, and it's something very popular. It's a dish I make myself. We take a little bit of sea salt like this, olive oil, okay, et voila, bon appétit.

Nadia Hartman, General Manager, La Boheme: So we also make our own pastries, from croissants, to fruit tarts, to everything. We use very fresh ingredients, as well. We also bake our own bread. We are very famous for our macaroons. We were actually written up in the Chronicle a couple of months ago about having the best macaroons in Northern California. We also feature live music on Wednesday and Friday night from 7 PM to 9 PM. So not only can you get a great meal, but they have great entertainment, and entertainment doesn't cost you anything. So we like to have people come back over and over and over again, repeat customers. We try to be consistent because consistency is the success of the business.

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