You know you’re safe when the Chief of Police lives in Burlingame. Meet Jack Van Etten!

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Where else can you find a chief of police who not only loves where he works, but lives and breathes his hometown? Meet Jack Van Etten, our proud (retired) Chief of Police!

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Jack Van Etten, Burlingame Police Chief: My name is Jack Van Etten and I'm the chief of police with the city of Burlingame. I've been working in the department for the City almost 36 years; at the end of the year it will be 36 years. The biggest part of why Burlingame is so special to me is, I met my wife at a teen club dance, believe it or not, when I was in high school; She went to Mercy, I went to Serra. My daughter was born in Burlingame and went to local schools here. Early on, I told my wife at the time that I'd never live and work in the same community. Of course, I did come to live and work in the same community, and she gives me a bad time about that every so often. "Don't you remember when you said you would never work and live in Burlingame?" And I say, "Yeah, I remember that." But I said that generally; Burlingame is a special community; a place where you can live and work and enjoy life. And as far as law enforcement goes, the thing that kind of stands out is we're very fortunate. It's a very safe community. People do support law enforcement, they understand about law enforcement, and I think, you know, it's a partnership between the citizens and the police department to ensure that our crime rate is low; to ensure that we're safe as we can be. Burlingame is just a wonderful place to live and/or work. And if you can live here, like I've had the ability to live here in the last 30+ years, I mean, it's a great place. Burlingame will always be in my heart.

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