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The Burlingame Public Library is the crown jewel of Burlingame and represents Burlingame’s commitment to education, history, and building community.

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Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: Right now we're at the downtown branch of the Burlingame Public Library; one of two libraries that we have, the other being in the Easton Addition. This is considered one of the crown jewels of the Burlingame community. Just last year we had over 750,000 books that were in circulation, which was an all-time high, especially given the economy that people are coming and using the library more than ever before.

Sue Reiterman, Easton Branch Library: It really serves as a neighborhood living room or a neighborhood clubhouse and everybody is welcome.

Alfred Escoffier, Former City Librarian: It's an exciting place, we're very busy, we have as many as 1,200 people through the door every day.

Stephen Hamilton, President, Burlingame Library Foundation: And they're both very, very special and very, very unique; and their community centers. In my mind, these are the sort of rec centers of the mind where people can come together and we put on all kinds of programs there.

Alfred Escoffier, Former City Librarian: We do rank within the top 20 libraries in the state; our staff is very customer-service oriented. We do reach out to all ages; I mentioned schools earlier.

Sue Reiterman, Easton Branch Library: We know that in places where public library circulation is high, there's a correspondingly higher score on standardized reading tests. We have an evening storytime, so parents who work can bring their kids.

Kathy Somerton, Children’s Librariann: Storytime is very important for kids; it's often times their first group experience. A lot of kids come to storytime and they've never been to preschool or anything yet, so they're learning how to be part of a group, but also of course it's introducing them to books. And all the joys of reading.

Althea Neustaedter, Story Time Mom: We just go through a stack of books like this, so every week we come and get new books. And it's fun to have storytime.

Stephen Hamilton, President, Burlingame Library Foundation: The library's always been this very, very central part of our town, I think. It's the community place, it's where people come together; it doesn't matter what your rank and level is. And there's always some activities going on there, and if nothing else there's a lot of books and a lot of medium.

Alfred Escoffier, Former City Librarian: People use this to study; they use it for entertainment in a variety of ways. But the population really enjoys this library and this building.

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