Copenhagen Bakery: The Epitome of Small Town Burlingame

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We are so blessed to have what many consider to be the best bakery in the entire world right in our backyard. Mention Copenhagen Bakery to just about any normal person on the peninsula and you’re guaranteed to elicit a smile and a “what’s your favorite pastry?”. The three owners, Ben, Ralf, and Shari, all live in Burlingame and take great pride in producing the highest quality Scandinavian treats around! Copenhagen Bakery is open for three meals a day and they’re always packed. Don’t miss their chocolate pizza too – I’ve had a piece of hundreds of them!

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Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: We're here at Copenhagen Bakery on Burlingame Avenue, and in my opinion the best bakery in the world.

Ralf Nielsen, Owner, Copenhagen Bakery: Well, we started the business 32 years ago, 1977. My grandfather was a baker, my--couple of my uncles.

Ben Nielsen, Owner, Copenhagen Bakery: My brother and I were both born in Denmark; We came here as children. When he thought up doing this was he wanted to give Americans a little taste of Copenhagen without the big trip and the airplane and the cost involved.

Meghan Braida, Copenhagen Bakery aficionado: Pretty much the smell of the pastries just lure me in; They're irresistible. The best—definitely the best in town. Their pastries, their bread, their food, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is to die for. Everybody in Burlingame loves Copenhagen.

Ramon Berenia, Chief pastry chef, Copenhagen Bakery: My family has a bakery back home in the Philippines and I grew up in a bakery. And I love baking. We sell a lot of pastries, like the chocolate chip coffee cake, chocolate chip pizza. We sell like, a day—we sell like 30 of them a day.

Elisabeth Cachi, Cake Department, Copenhagen Bakery: On the weekend we have like 100, 150 cakes and they're all different decorated. That's a wedding cake for this weekend; It's gonna be an Indian wedding. And Lan is decorative; She has been putting this together. So to be a good decorator is quite a skill.

Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: We are here in Copenhagen in Denmark. I have flown halfway around the world to go to some of the top bakeries in Copenhagen. We're here to see if the bakeries in Copenhagen can compete with Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame, California. It's good, but Burlingame has it better.

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