Where do the Burlingame locals get their coffee? Easy – Il Piccolo Cafe.

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Il Piccolo Cafe on Broadway in Burlingame is one of the best coffee shops on the peninsula. You’re always guaranteed to run into someone you know there…and they’ve just expanded by doubling their current space – which is awesome considering they’re across the street from Starbucks….go locally owned businesses!

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Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: We're here at Il Piccolo coffee shop on Broadway. What's really nice about Il Piccolo is you're guaranteed to run into someone almost every time you come. Even before you walk in, the people at the front counter know exactly what you want and it's ready by the time you come to the counter. So I think that's one thing that makes Il Piccolo the epitome of a small-town coffee shop.

Tammy, Manager, Il Piccolo Café: This is the best local. We've got the best customers; we've had the same customers 20 years. We have a lot of new people coming in town, a lot of people leaving town. We actually ship some of our coffee to the East Coast; people who have left the community. So it's very popular, it's awesome. It's very bohemian, very Tuscany-style, very laid-back. Early morning we go through, probably, I'm gonna guestimate, 600 cups of coffee before 10, 10:30. We change our flavor coffees, they change every day. The most popular is the Vanilla Nut for the weekends. Il Piccolo is our house blend that we have roasted special for our customers, and then we have just a regular decaf, but it's a really good, roasted, beefy decaf, so it doesn't taste so decaffeinated and watered-down. Our employees are awesome, the owner, Dave Armanino, he's an awesome guy to work with. I like Burlingame; I've been here 10 years now. It's very--still very quaint. I like the old town. They have parades, Christmas tree lightings, they celebrate things that other communities don't or are too big to celebrate. Burlingame is my place.

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