Lincoln Elementary School

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Lincoln Elementary School is in the heart of the Easton Addition and bordering Ray Park.

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Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: We're here at Lincoln Elementary School and we're about to head in to the Dandelion Garden, which is a fully organic garden that's been in existence for about seven years and it's pretty cool; I think you'll like what you're about to see.

Dianne Garber, Principal, Lincoln Elementary School: This is our spring planting and our spring garden lessons. And Kristy has helped, along with a couple of other teachers, design some of these lessons.

Kristy Studnicki, Kindergarten Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School: This is about the third year in the making of the garden lessons, and we have been developing lessons that are based around the science standards so that the kids get a hands-on experience with science and get engaged in it.

Dianne Garber, Principal, Lincoln Elementary School: There's more and more activities that occur in the garden, it's connected with more and more parts of the curriculum because the teachers have really embraced it.

Allie, 2nd Grade, Lincoln Elementary School: You can come here to plant stuff and when it's done growing you can eat it and it's yummy.

Elisa Lowy, Lincoln Parent: I had my son in a private school when we were living down in San Jose, and what we came up here, one of the reasons we moved up here was quality of the school, and I find it to be pretty much comparable to the private school.

Shirley Lee, Playground Parent: One of the reasons that I wanted to do this was because Lincoln has a really strong parent--it's a very strong parent community and there's a lot of very caring people who really want to make this the best school that they can for our kids.

Annie Kishiyama, Playground Parent: There's so many parents that are so involved in our school; that's what makes it a great school.

Kristin Donato, Lincoln Parent: I love the teachers that we've been fortunate enough to have in kindergarten, first, and second grade. They have been--they definitely know their stuff, they're super experienced and they're kind and they create really lively classrooms. I suppose I'm not supposed to name names, but I could just rave about TJ's first grade teacher. She's amazing.

Lincoln Elementary Schoolchildren: We love Lincoln!

  • Cfikree

    Lincoln Elementary School looks like a great educational school that looks outside of the books.

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