Meet Janice Wolfe: Artist Extraordinaire!

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Step inside Janice’s world as she shares with us her zest for art and drama, and why she loves Burlingame!

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Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: We're here with Janice Prey Wolfe, one of Burlingame's leading illustrators. We're in her backyard and she's gonna take us inside her studio where all the Burlingame magic happens.

Janice Wolfe, Burlingame Illustrator: You've got to remember this is theater right now; I just finished costuming "Beauty and the Beast" and so "Beauty and the Beast" is all over on top of everything. We have Belle's dress here. This is the latest watercolor I just did. I do have an easel here and I took down a lot of my stuff. This is scenery props, oh yeah, we have used that snake--we used it for-- I'm excited about the paintings that I have kind of grouped together for this print series. A lot of people like them. In fact, people that see them ask if they can get copies of them. I think Burlingame High School, the one I did of that, it's a lot of people's favorite. For the Centennial, I did watercolor illustrations for about four of the events: The Burlingame, the Musical, the Art & Wine--the Wine & Hot Chocolate event, the Passport Tour, and the Burlingame Gala celebration which was really fun. If someone's thinking about moving to Burlingame, it's beautiful weather, great schools, beautiful architecture, wonderful people, small town so you can get involved in the community and actually make a difference. The weather is, shall I say, Camelot-like, kind of between 72 and 78 all summer with a little breeze. It feels like a little community, a small town that was picked up from somewhere in a charming East Coast village and planted in the Bay Area.

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