Park Road Fitness

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Park Road Fitness adds a new twist to working out. No workout is ever the same at this Downtown Burlingame gym with a phenomenal outdoor facility perfect for cross training and boot camp style workout guaranteed to leave you carrying yourself out.

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Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: We're here at Park Road Fitness on a beautiful summer morning, and today is their boot camp day. We have yoga going on behind us, over here we've got wall stuff going on; people are getting a crazy workout. And the cool thing about Park Road Fitness is it was just started last year, even in this economy. It's owned by five local guys, all personal trainers, and at Park Road Fitness they really have a unique edge. They give personalized training, but they also offer boot camp so people can come in, it's not crowded, there's plenty of space. It's a great setup. So I think they are poised for a lot of success in Burlingame.

Joe Pessano, Personal Trainer, Co-Owner, Park Road Fitness: The reason why my job is the best, I get to make people healthy and strong. And I get to challenge their own preconceived notions of what they can do and what they can achieve.

Joyce, Park Road Fitness Member: I've gotten so much stronger. I mean, I used to only do cardio, and you know, I have the endurance for cardio, but I realized that once I started weight training, and specifically training with the trainers here, it just has improved my health. I feel more energetic every day, you know, even in my job.

Buddy Walker, Personal Trainer, Co-Owner, Park Road Fitness: We're happy to be able to provide such a wonderful facility and service to the community. I don't think many people realize how nice it is to workout in this facility. We have the turf outside that we can get outside and do work. And have some fun out there and enjoy the sun.

Kevin Howard, Personal Trainer, Co-Owner, Park Road Fitness: So we sit down and we set goals with each other and it's really getting them to achieve those goals, whether it's a swim from Alcatraz or whether it's, "I want to lose 5 pounds because the summer's coming up."

Jennifer, Park Road Fitness Member: I am probably healthier now, and I'm turning 60 any minute now--in a month. I'm probably healthier now than I've been in the past 30 years.

Nathan Flores, Personal Trainer, Co-Owner, Park Road Fitness: We only do personal training here; there's no gym membership fees. Everyone here is comfortable, and we want to create that kind of atmosphere with people, where fitness is not an intimidating thing.

Joe Pessano, Personal Trainer, Co-Owner, Park Road Fitness: Burlingame is the best, you know?

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