Preston’s Candy & Ice Cream

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Preston’s Candy & Ice Cream is one of Burlingame’s favorite ice cream and candy stores! For the first time ever, watch how owner and Burlingame resident Irene Preston makes her famous thin mints! It’s not as easy as you think.

This family-owned business makes candy every day in small batches to insure freshness and high quality. Preston’s has been around for over 60 years and will continue to be a part of Burlingame lore for decades more. Preston’s is proud to have employed dozens of Burlingame students over the years.

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Irene Preston, Owner, Preston’s Candy & Ice Cream: We are at Preston's Candy & Ice Cream in Burlingame, California. My name is Irene Preston, and I've been the owner of Preston's for about 10 years. Preston's has been in business since 1946 so we're a 63-year-old company. We sell candy and ice cream. We make the majority of the candy here, and the ice cream, and we have 40 flavors of ice cream, and lots of candy. People shop here on a regular basis; it's part of their lifestyle. We get customers from when they're babies, on. So this is where we pack all the boxes and we keep all the candy finished candy in here. So like, at Christmas time, all the shelves will be filled with these boxes.

Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: So I'm trying--this is a milk chocolate cherry?

Irene Preston, Owner, Preston’s Candy & Ice Cream: A cordial cherry, right. You've gotta put it all in your mouth. See what I'm saying? He's gonna make Thin Mints. It looks like it's the easiest candy, right? Three layers: Two chocolate and the one in the middle is mint. The problem is that these materials don't like each other. And so it's real easy to have this candy fall apart in pieces. So it's technique, you have to then make sure that the top layer of the mint is at the right place to be able to accept the chocolate, and it's very tricky. We just do everything the old-style way. And it's a very small batch. So this is as close as you'll ever get to really fresh candy. And that's why my customers are very loyal, because once you taste something really good you don't go back to something that you'll just settle for.

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