Que Seraw Seraw – Arguably Burlingame’s Healthiest Place to Eat

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Que Seraw Seraw is one the hidden secrets in Burlingame. They serve healthy fast food to go, and it’s all fresh, gourmet, organic, vegan, and raw! I know that’s a mouthful, but you will be blown away when you try their vegan tuna salad and other delectable treats like almond milk…it’s so good!

And, for those who have food allergies, their food is wheat, dairy, and gluten free. Where else can you get all that?

Que Seraw Seraw is located just off Broadway next to Earthbeam Natural Foods. They are open Monday through Friday, 10 am – 4 pm, Saturday from 10 am – 2 pm, and closed on Sundays.

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Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: We're here at Que Seraw Seraw, one of the new hottest eateries in Burlingame. And I'm here with Alicia, the owner and gourmet chef; we're gonna go in and take a peek.

Alicia Parnell, Owner, Que Seraw Seraw: We are located in downtown Burlingame on the Broadway side. We're just off Broadway, on a street called Capuchino Avenue, 1160 Capuchino Avenue in downtown Burlingame. And basically raw food is, you take nuts and seeds of fruits and vegetables and get about as creative as you can, replicating flavors and textures we're already familiar with. I've always been interested in health and the next diet that was out there, and I tried most of them and most of them didn't work for me. Then raw food came along. My daughter actually introduced me to it, initially. And I found out how absolutely delicious it was. And then the more I got into it, the more I realized it benefited my health. I mean, I thought I was healthy enough, but my energy-level jumped to that of when I was 20, and you can't buy that anywhere. But what we have is a container-driven business. So what I've done is I've switched over, I use all compostable containers, so that was a thing that I definitely wanted to move towards, and we have. This over here, this is our pesto pizza. First we have a layer of crust, that's a walnut-zucchini crust that we mix together, spread and dehydrate. And then the next layer is a cream cheese, a cashew cream cheese with tahini, and then on top of that is a julienned zucchini, and then we have a layer of chopped parsley and topped with black olives. We've put all of this together and just do our very best every single day to collect customers one bite at a time.

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