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Roosevelt Elementary School’s Chili Cook Off is one of the most anticipated school events in Burlingame every year and is the school’s signature community building event. The highlight is the chili competition which yields dozens of variations of chili, with each aspiring chef touting his or hers as the greatest in Burlingame.

This year’s Chili Cook Off is Sunday, October 14, 2012 from 11-4.

Roosevelt Elementary is located on the corner of Broadway and Vancouver Avenue in a quiet residential neighborhood in the Easton Addition.

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Dennis Hills, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School: Hi, I'm Dennis Hills. I'm the principal of Roosevelt school. And welcome to the Chili Cook Off. The Chili Cook Off is really, obviously, our big fundraiser for the year. It's more than just Roosevelt community; It's Burlingame that comes to support it. It pays for a lot of things such as elementary art programs, music, field trips, assemblies, I could go on. But it's a great, fun day, but it's also a great way to raise money for our programs.

Christine Thorsteinson, President, Burlingame Community for Education Foundation: I love the Chili Cook Off. We come every year with our kids and it's great fun. I give them a ticket, off my kids go; They have a fabulous time here. I see everyone from the community and I love that about--one day we all come together in one place. Everyone's having a great time.

Loretta O’Donnell, Teacher, Roosevelt Elementary School: I mean, I have--I don't lack for any supplies and that's probably, primarily, because of this fundraiser. And it has a lot of--a lot of people know about it and people keep coming back.

Conner, 5th grader, Roosevelt Elementary School: What I really love about the Chili Cook Off is there's fun, there's games, there's chilis, there's a ton of things to do.

Beth, 3rd grader, Roosevelt Elementary School: And I like going on the jumpies, and it's really fun because you could taste chili and do all these fun activities.

Amy Stanford, PTA President, Roosevelt Elementary: We have like 265 volunteers here today and I love coming here at 8:00 in the morning on a Sunday and the place is filled with parents and kids running around and everyone's helping. Like, my kids will still say their favorite day of the year is Chili Cook Off. Beth was up at 5:30 this morning going, "It's chili day, Mom!"

Jennifer Callahan, Co-chair, Chili Cook Off: It's really important that parents support BCE and they support their local public schools because this is the start, the foundation for our kids, and it's a foundation of our community.

Nate, 4th grader, Roosevelt Elementary: I love the Chili Cook Off because there's games, good chili, and a bunch of entertainment.

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