Stella Alpina Osteria: A Taste of Northern Italy in Burlingame

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Step inside Stella Alpina Osteria and you’ll feel like you’re dining on some great secret family recipes reserved for special occasions. Owned and run by Burlingame residents Matteo and Alisa Ferrari since 2005, the restaurant features a nightly sellout Osso Buco and an ambience second to none. BurlingameBuzz is proud to feature Stella Alpina as one its personal favorites and local hotspots.

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Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: We're here at Stella Alpina restaurant, one of my personal favorites in Burlingame, and we're gonna go inside and meet with Mateo Ferrari, the chef and owner.

Mateo Ferrari, Chef & Owner, Stella Alpina: Welcome to Stella Alpina. Please, come inside. My name is Mateo Ferrari. My chef dream is to open this own restaurant and we successfully opened Stella Alpina, which is a perfect location for us because it's downtown Burlingame. There is a lot of comfort food, braised meats, risottos, gnocchi, mostly homemade, genuine Italian cooking. All the pastas are really popular; we do a beautiful rigatoni with slow-roasted pork ragù, which takes like four or five hours of slowly roasting. Here we have a sausage—Italian sausage and the porcini mushroom ragù, which is gonna turn into a beautiful lasagna special for this evening. I've gotta lay it out with the fresh, homemade pasta and Parmesan cheese. This one is what is gonna be the famous Stella Alpina Osso Buco, comes every day fresh, where we braise the quantity every day and sold out by the end of the evening; it has become a very popular dish. We braise with vegetables, white wine, tomato, and we serve it over a soft mascarpone polenta which is a traditional accompaniment for every dish. Today we make like, probably like 30 tiramisu. Every two days we replenish because tiramisu is better always making it one day ahead so the coffee soaks with the mascarpone. Very, very, very popular dessert. Owning your own restaurant is not about fame, about money, or about being a big asset to the city. It's just, it's like I say to you, when you go to eat at my house for dinner party among friends, that's the way I feel when my customers leaving and they say to me, "Mateo, today we had a fantastic meal." There is no dollar that can pay that feeling. Bueno appetito.

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