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Want to learn about the high caliber of sports in Burlingame? Hear from Burlingame coaches and athletes, and get a first hand glimpse at our stellar athletic facilities!


Jeff Dowd, Burlingame High School varsity basketball coach

Bill Smith, Burlingame High School tennis coach

Hank Sauer, Burlingame Youth Baseball Association co-founder and President

Drew Shiller, Burlingame High School 4 time Athlete of the Year, Stanford Basketball Point Guard

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Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: We are here now at Burlingame High School, one of the crown jewels in the Burlingame community. We have phenomenal athletic facilities here. We have a world-class seven-lane track; we have a world-class football field here. We also have two baseball fields, and believe me when I say this: When you're on that baseball field, you actually feel like you're at professional sporting event.

Drew Shiller, Point Guard, Stanford Basketball: I absolutely loved my experience at Burlingame High School. My friends and I today, we still talk about the good times we had here. And I think that's a tribute to just how awesome Burlingame High School is. My best friends I've made here in Burlingame High School, they'll be my friends forever.

Bill Smith, Tennis Coach, Burlingame High School: We have more of a private school flair here at a public school. And the Peninsula Athletic League were 1-2, always, in what's considered the Commissioner's cup. So not only do we have a lot of sports, but they're also achieving at a high level.

Raziel Ungar, Burlingame Properties: We're here at the Burlingame Aquatic Center; this is the largest public pool from San Francisco all the way down to Santa Clara. It's over 50 meters long and it's used all year round.

Hank Sauer, President, Burlingame Youth Baseball Association: Our athletic programs, and the school programs are fabulous, as well as the opportunities. The kids can start playing organized sports at five years old. All the sports and all the fields are close by; the parents can bring their kids. You can actually come down here on a Saturday, and you'll see parents with three or four parents with kids in different leagues, and they just make a whole day out of it. It really is a special place, and from an athletic standpoint and a youth sports standpoint, again, like I said, our city is very proactive. They really reach out to the parents.

Jeff Dowd, Varsity Basketball Coach, Burlingame High School: Burlingame is a great place to work, I'm blessed. Here we've got some really hard-working kids, some community and administrative support, and we've been really successful. In the last eight years we've been to five Norcal finals, and Drew Shiller is the guy who kind of got us started.

Drew Shiller, Point Guard, Stanford Basketball: My sports career at Burlingame was, looking back on it, was pretty incredible. You know, to be a part of two CSCS championships in football and baseball, the first in each respective sport, was something that will never forget. I got a ring for both of them, so, to commemorate that. And one of the reasons that I chose Burlingame is because I feel like if I had gone to one of the private schools, maybe they would have forced me to specialize in just one sport. But I love them all. So going to Burlingame, the coaches are really understanding of multi-sport athletes, and so I was able to play football, basketball, and baseball, whereas at another school that might not have been a reality.

Bill Smith, Tennis Coach, Burlingame High School: We're top notch. You know, you couldn't have a better place to raise an athlete. I know, I had one.

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