Meet the Burlingame Mayor and City Manager

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How many of you know who the mayor or the city manager of your town is? Well, in Burlingame, most people seem to know – it’s just that kind of place.

Hear from Burlingame’s Mayor Cathy Baylock and City Manager Jim Nantell as they share their thoughts on what makes Burlingame so special.

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Cathy Baylock, Mayor, Burlingame, California: Hi, I'm Cathy Baylock. I've lived in the beautiful Burlingame community for 19 years and currently I'm honored to be your mayor, serving the city in my 3rd term on city council. A lot of people ask, you know, What's so special about Burlingame? What brings people here? Why do people settle in Burlingame?

Jim Nantell, City Manager, Burlingame, California: I think what's unique about Burlingame, in this urbanized area, is this notion of a small town and that's what really attracts people. Certainly attracted me; I know that's what attracts a lot of the people who live here today, is that we're part of that urbanized area but you feel like you're in a smaller community.

Cathy Baylock, Mayor, Burlingame, California: It's a small community; it's 28,000 people, but everybody knows each other and they feel like, on some level, whether they're involved with schools or community groups or business associations that they can impact what they do and make their town a better place.

Jim Nantell, City Manager, Burlingame, California: We have a strong retail base. When you talk about retail on the San Francisco Peninsula, it's San Francisco, it's Burlingame, it's Palo Alto and then it's San Jose. Burlingame is recognized beyond the Bay Area as a retail core that's very, very successful. Every Sunday morning we drop by the Chamber of Commerce Farmer's Market where we get access to fresh produce and fruit and, again, you get that chance to feel like you're part of a small community and meet the people that you know and share what's happening in your life. So those are some of the special things, I think, that make Burlingame so unique.

Cathy Baylock, Mayor, Burlingame, California: There's people out walking all the time because-- And I don't know why we're such a big dog community but everyone on this street has a dog. But I really notice that people are walking the neighborhoods because there's beautiful architecture, beautiful trees, and people are very neighborly and I think it does come back to how physically beautiful our town is. And, you know, it entices people to come out of their homes and participate.

Jim Nantell, City Manager, Burlingame, California: Burlingame's the perfect location because of our proximity to the airport, to downtown San Francisco, yet it has this small-town feel with tree-lined streets and neighborhoods that are warm and welcoming. So you can't go wrong if you select Burlingame.

Cathy Baylock, Mayor, Burlingame, California: People can find out that, as I like to tell my kids, Burlingame's the best city, in the best state, in the best country on the planet. So that's the truth.

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