What is BurlingameBuzz

BurlingameBuzz is the brainchild of Raziel Ungar. He came up with the idea for BurlingameBuzz in March 2009 after a quick Google search revealed minimal professional quality video content online about Burlingame. Having been born and raised in Burlingame, Raziel thought he’d interview a few friends and clients from his real estate practice to talk on camera about why they loved their neighborhoods. Once Raziel got going and sensed the enthusiasm for what he was doing, the project quickly snowballed…

Raziel has produced and directed nearly four dozen documentary short films all about Burlingame, and is very proud of this service he’s been able to provide to the community. The hope is that BurlingameBuzz will benefit those considering opening businesses in Burlingame to get a better sense of the town, serve to educate members of the Burlingame community about our special town, and help prospective residents and home buyers determine if Burlingame is the right fit (we hope it is!).

The red carpet premiere was held in May 2010 at the Burlingame Public Library to a standing room only crowd of over 130 people! Word quickly spread and a second screening was requested by the City Council for a couple weeks later.

These documentaries has been entirely self-financed by Raziel. Raziel is a Realtor and founder of Burlingame Properties within Coldwell Banker’s flagship Burlingame office. Raziel is ranked in the Top 50 Realtors in San Mateo County. To learn more about Raziel’s business, please visit BurlingameProperties.com.

Have an idea for a video? While I can’t make any promises, happy to entertain. Drop me a line.

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